Sukhothai Operation and Maintenance Project 

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               Project is a groundwater development project in Sukhothai province since B.E. 2519 (A.D.1976) It was a construction of large scale irrigation project in type of groundwater pumpingby drilling well in underground, with diameter of 14 inches and depth of 60-150 meters. An underground well can pump water approximately 200 cubic meter/cm. and supply water for an area of 300-400 rai. Service area of the project is approximately 71,000 - 81,000 rai divided into 2 branches as follows:

          Operation and Maintenance Branch 1 is located in Sawankhalok district, Sukhothai province, it has 104 wells constructed during B.E. 2524-2530 (A.D.1981-1987). Most of wells were installed by filter pipe in type of glass reinforced pipe, water pumping started in B.E. 2527(A.D.1984) and in B.E.2534 (A.D.1991) for all 104 wells.

              Operation and Maintenance Branch 2 is located in Sri Nakhon district, Sukhothai province, it has 100 wells constructed during B.E. 2522-2523 (A.D.1979-1980). All wells were installed by filter pipe in type of iron pipe, water pumping started since B.E. 2523 (A.D.1980). 

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                Pump System is a pressure system using vertical turbine pump size diameter 8-10 inches; driven by electric motor size 30-50 hp. and; using PVC pipe buried in underground 1 meter in deep for directly distributing water to farm land. Pipeline has 3 sizes which are 6, 8, 10 inches in diameter, each well has a pipeline with total length of approximately 2 kilometers.



                Quantity of pumped water for utilization is not excess 40 MCM./year which was a result from a model recalibration conducted by Groundwater Development for Irrigation Branch, Geotechnical Science Division. The construction was completed in B.E. 2535 (A.D.1992) and transferred to Operation and Maintenance Branch. Then, Royal Irrigation Department approved to establish Sukhothai Groundwater Operation and Maintenance Project which is the Sukhothai Operation and Maintenance Project in present.