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Organization Structure of Regional Irrigation Office 4

                  Organization Structure of Regional Irrigation Office 4 is divided into 1 Branch, 4 Divisions,
4 Provincial Irrigation Offices, 3 Operation and Maintenance Projects and 1 Construction Project
as follows:

1. General Administration Branch

2. Engineering Management Division

• Project Planning Group

• Design Group

• Soil Engineering and Geotechnical Group

• Topographical Survey Branch

• Dam Safety Management Branch

• Engineering Inspection and Analysis Branch

3. Operation and Maintenance Division

 Water Management Planning and Budgeting Branch

 Water Management Branch

 Water Use Extension Branch

 Improvement and Maintenance Planning Branch

 Road Improvement and Maintenance Branch

 Water Planning and Problem Solving Branch

4. Operation Division

 Construction Planning and Budgeting Branch

 Natural Water Resources Improvement Branch

 Special Project Branch

5. Mechanical Division

 Mechanical Engineering Branch

 Mechanical Operation Branch

 Earth-Moving Equipment Operation Branch

 Pumping Operation Branch

 Communication Branch

6. Provincial Irrigation Office

• Kamphaeng Phet Irrigation Office

• Tak Irrigation Office

• Sukhothai Irrigation Office

• Phrae Irrigation Office

7. Operation and Maintenance Projects

• Sukhothai Operation and Maintenance Project

• Mae Yom Operation and Maintenance Project

• Tho Thong Daeng Operation and Maintenance Project

     8. Construction Project