Regional Irrigation Office 4 was established under the Ministerial Regulation Organizing Royal Irrigation Department in B.E. 2545 (A.D.2002) which defined to divide the Department’s structure into 25 offices, 6 divisions. At previously, a temporary office of Regional Irrigation Office 4 was located in the office of Construction Project 3, Water Resources Office 1 in Nongpling sub-district, Muang district, Kamphaeng Phet province. Later in B.E.2547 (A.D.2004), Regional Irrigation Office 4 got a budget of 14,250,000 baht for construction its new office in nearby area which the construction of this office was completed in B.E.2548 (A.D.2005) as well as residents of staff. Besides, its buildings and landscape have been continuously improved until present.