Historical Background

Duty and Responsibility

Strategy of Regional Irrigation Office 15
Historical Background

Royal Irrigation Department started irrigation work in the Southern region since B.E.2492 (A.D.1949). According to the Department’s order No.28/2492 on 10 March B.E.2492, it defined to establish an irrigation office in the Southern region by equivalent function as Construction Project Division in that time. It was responsible for controlling irrigation works in 14 provinces in the Southern region.

                In B.E.2517 (A.D.1974), due to an extensive expansion of irrigation activities in every year, Royal Irrigation Department restructured its organization in the Southern region to be appropriate and flexible for implementation by dividing into 2 irrigation office as follows : Regional Irrigation Office 11, responsible for water management of 7 province in upper southern region e.g. Chumphon, SuratThani,Nakhon Si Thammarat, Ranong, PhangNga, Krabi and Phuket by its head office located in Pakpanang district, Nakhon Si Thammarat province; and Regional Irrigation Office 12, responsible for water management of 7 provinces in lower southern region by its head office located in Hat Yai district, Songkhla province. Later, royal Decree Organizing Royal Irrigation Department, Mistry of Agriculture and Cooperatives B.E.2540 (A.D.1997) defined to rename Regional Irrigation Office 11 to “Regional Irrigation Office 11” by raising its structure. After that,Royal Decree Organizing Royal Irrigation Department B.E.2545 (a.D.1997) defined to change Regional Irrigation Office 11 to “Regional Irrigation Office 15” since 11 November B.E.2545 until present.


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